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[wmv] Dave's reaction to pregnancy.wmvwmv1.9 MB
[wmv] How we got pregnant.wmvwmv2.3 MB
[wmv] The false contraceptive.wmvwmv2.9 MB
[wmv] Pregnant help information.wmvwmv3.0 MB
[wmv] The marijuana contraceptive.wmvwmv3.1 MB
[wmv] Mallory breaks down 2.wmvwmv3.2 MB
[wmv] Let down by David.wmvwmv3.2 MB
[wmv] Mallory breaks down 3.wmvwmv3.2 MB
[wmv] Mallory breaks down.wmvwmv3.3 MB
[wmv] Reality of an unweb pregnancy.wmvwmv12.0 MB
[wmv] It's your baby phone call.wmvwmv13.1 MB
[wmv] The reality of the baby.wmvwmv26.6 MB
[wmv] Baby robbery.wmvwmv32.6 MB
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